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CardFree Cash & More!

The world of digital marketing is ever evolving and Universal Money has teamed up with several payment and premium service providers to insure that your ATM is capable of offering the up and coming services people will demand! Contact us for more information
CardFree Cash & More!

Key Benefits

CardFree Cash and How it works

With an access code and a PIN, consumers can pick up their cash at any ATM featuring the Popmoney® logo. CardFree Cash addresses the needs of a broad group of financial institutions and consumers by enabling access to cash without a debit card.

Mastercard Cash-Pickup and How it works (Coming Soon!)

Mastercard Cash Pick-Up is the newest, most innovative solution to reward and engage your customers-- a payment and authorization network that provides real-time cardless cash withdrawals at any enabled ATM. This patented process provides “instant cash in hand” to consumers and opens up a new payment channel for P2P businesses and other companies that are looking to enhance their promotion, loyalty and rebate programs. Universal Money will soon make this service available on your Hyosung or Genmega ATM!